We all love Mick. Or if we don’t we mainly think there’s nobody better. It seems.

Written by World Wide Wolfie on December 16th, 2010

So, I asked you all a few questions the day before yesterday. The aim was to satisfy my cusiosity as to how optimistic we all are and whether actually being a supporter at the games makes any difference. Since so many of you lovely people responded, I thought it was only fair to summarise some of the responses here, and also to give anyone who wants to have their say, whether you agree or disagree with everyone else, a final prod!

I asked:

How many games do you attend a year?
Whereabouts do you live?
Where do you think we’ll finish this year?
Do you want Mick to stay?

I’ve got 39 responses, so I won’t call you lot representative, but interesting nonetheless.

The most overwhelming result was the amount of support for Mick – 77% wanted him to stay, and only 8% definitely didn’t, with the rest not sure or wanting to give him a bit longer before deciding.

Generally positive too was the expectation of where we’d finish at the end of the season. We’re 19th now, but only one person thought we’d finish there. No one thought we’d be bottom and only 1/10 thought we’d be relegated.

Given there so much happy clapping and agreement, I can’t really draw any conclusions about whether going to games makes any difference, but if you haven’t already responded, I’ve love to hear from you – leave a comment answering the questions below.

A few of your comments:

Loved McCarthy for a long time, recently lost faith over the latest poor run of results but am regaining said lost faith. My judgement is based on whether he keeps us in the league or not.
(Less) Frustrated

Keep Mick as manager – he has brought us so far and keeps the players level through the highs and lows of the season.

Not sure. So many pros and cons to weigh up. At this stage I am happy for him to stay because I can’t see that anyone else would do better with whats available. The players play for him no question.

And my favourite:

Do you want Mick to stay? Yes (The fact that I have the same birthday as Mick does NOT influence this – although the miserable so-and-so has never sent me a card! I’ve never sent him one either, so I guess that evens it up)
Wirral Wolf

Thanks all!

Can’t wait for Sunday.


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  1. Bemused Wolf says:

    Sorry I missed your survey so please include as a late entry.
    Seen 15 games this calendar year, should be 16 with Wigan. Travel from Hampshire 280m round trip. Now share my season ticket due to finances and age (missed Sir Billy by one season)
    Think we will finish same as last year.Very much opposed to getting rid of Mick mid season. Decision should be taken in May by Morgan who must decide how to move the club forward.UTW

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  2. Bangkok Wolf says:

    How many games do you attend a year?

    zero. Watch every game live on TV here in Thailand. Have not missed a game since we reached the Prem.

    Whereabouts do you live?

    Where do you think we’ll finish this year?


    Do you want Mick to stay?
    Definitely.Sometimes appears a little too loyal to certain players, but overall, he is absolutely brilliant. I’d want him even if we were relegated.

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