Spurs 3 – 1 Wolves: The petition for 75 minute football starts here

Written by World Wide Wolfie on September 19th, 2010

A few Wolves players’ old mums will be busy writing to PE Teacher-in-Chief McCarthy this weekend, asking that their sons be excused the last 15 minutes of a game due to chronic attention deficit disorder.

The worst of the result is that it all could have been so very different. This was a good team performance from Wolves, let down by some appalling moments of lax defending. At 75 minutes, I was disappointed to have to make do with the live stream and radio commentary; 16 minutes later not having to brave the streets of North London was very welcome. At 75 minutes, my 3-1 prediction looked foolish (happily so); at 91 minutes, I felt a lot wiser than I really am.

Tottenham had the better of the first half and Hahnemann had to pull out a couple of fine saves, but Wolves still looked a much better team than against Fulham last week. The packed midfield did a better job of closing down their opponents, and when Fletcher grabbed a close range goal on the stroke of half time, Wolves again went in ahead.

Perhaps in the second half we sat back too much and let them attack, but the enforced substitiutions of Fletcher and, even more so the again-brilliant Jarvis, forced a more conservative approach, and Tottenham were successfully contained for the first half hour. Then Hutton picked up the ball in his own half, ran the length of the pitch with it until felled by Ward. This was a penalty so clear cut that even the referee who had already missed a blatant foul on Jarvis in the box in the first half could do nothing but point to the spot. I hate to see penalties on a player who isn’t even running towards the goal, and Ward’s tackle was stupid and clumsy, but at least as much blame should fall on Mancienne, and a lesser extent Van Damme, who happily tracked Hutton half the length of the pitch without a challenge.

Wolves raised their game, but Spurs get their second after a misplaced pass from Ward. This does not make the goal his fault, but I’m hope for more care from a left back in an advanced position with three minutes to play. Spurs’ third in injury time was a bit of a freak as a rebounded clearance looped over Hahnemann’s head. However Stearman’s judgement was clearly at fault, trying the shepherd the ball in front of an opposition player to a keeper who clearly was expecting the more obvious ‘just get it away’ response. Inexplicable, and had Wolves not already thrown the game away he’d be getting a lot more attention for that lapse – much worse than Ward’s.

Tottenham are a good team. To lose to them away is no disgrace. To be second best to them away is not unexpected, and Wolves held their own for much of the match. Doyle was again excellent, and will surely get his goal soon. Jarvis continues in fine form and Van Damme again impressed (perhaps he’ll be able to play a whole game one day!). To lose in those circumstances is desperately disappointing but play like that again, cutting out the moments of stupidity, and we’ll get some decent results this season.


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  1. Shelf side says:

    Cut out the cheating and time wasting and you will do just fine! COYS

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    • World Wide Wolfie says:

      I actually thought it was hilarious that it was Spurs trying to keep the ball by the corner flag at the end of the match ;)

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  2. Ray Finch says:

    Strange you didn’t mention our penalty appeal in first half. Even more blatant than the one we didn’t get against Newcastle. Jarvis was being pulled back in the area before he was cluttered by Gallas. Should have been awarded on two counts but we never get them do we? Could and should have been so different.

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    • World Wide Wolfie says:

      I mentioned it in passing, but you’re right, a lot more could have been made of it. Just like Newcastle (and numerous times last season) we’re not getting crucial penalty decisions. Even so, we let ourselves down badly defensively at the end of the match, and you’re not going to win many making howlers like that.

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  3. rrrrr says:

    i’m increasingly concerned at the ‘we’re all right’, we’re too good to worry’ attitude to everything this season… fact is, on equivillentt results over 5 games (assuming Newcastle replace Hull for results) – we are already 2 points down on the equivillent games last season, and look at the next 7 games: first three we needs points because we’ve got Chelski, Man Shity, Man Ure and Arsenal to follow. That bottom three isn’t going to look too far off come November.

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    • World Wide Wolfie says:

      We’ll be alright ;)

      We’re absolutely not too good not to worry, and like last year I think it’s going to take a bit too long to find the best team but, come May, I do believe we’ll be good enough for a comfortable lower mid-table finish at least.

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  4. Ad Mant says:

    I May have said this before… we dont have the defence for two strikers… a serious defender or two is needed in the january cos lets be brutally honest here – we ay got any.

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