Robbie Keane back on the market (and should stay there)

Written by World Wide Wolfie on January 17th, 2011

So Birmingham have officially declared themselves out of the running to sign Robbie Keane as he does not ‘offer the best financial package’ (reportedly, say the Mirror, wanting an increase on his £65,000 a week package).

Pursuing a Dream

Not bothered about playing for Wolves

I talked about Keane back in September (Robbie Keane: Still a Wolves Legend?) and expressed the hope that last summer would be the last we heard of any interest in the striker.  Realistically I don’t think we’ll see him here again in a Wolves shirt, but I’m surprised that so many people seem to want it.

Not only is he not the player he was, as witnessed by his inability to make an impact in the last few seasons, but up front is the last place we need to splash the cash to strengthen (defence first, please!), as we already have two club record signings and the excellent Ebanks-Blake.

More than that however, Keane’s readiness to sign for Birmingham should finally put to bed any belief we might have that this club is special to him more than as the place where his career started, and I’d hasten to add that he has every right to pursue the right career option for him. 

I said it in September, and I’ll say it again (with some apology for being pompous enough to quote myself) because it’s only become more true:

I think the affection many Wolves fans still hold for Keane is over the top. He was a great player for us, and one who came up through the youth ranks (what we’d do for a few more of those now!), but he left, and has gone on to play for many more years for other teams. He was an important Wolves player, but in the same way as say Joleon Lescott, not the same way as Steve Bull. He moved on, and so have we.

The final nail in the coffin of my interest in Keane was his decision to move to Celtic last year. It was the right decision for him and there’s no reason to bear him any ill-will for it, but it does underline the fact that this mythical connection Wolves fans seem to feel for him only goes in one direction.

Other targets, please!


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  1. Joe M says:

    Couldnt agree more. Funny that every Club he joins he supported as a kid. I think for the money we could do better.

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  2. Bill says:

    Spot on, we don’t need him, MM is doing great right now we our great strike force, you would not find harder workers in the league. A top defender (not Lescott) and a gungho midfielder would do fine.

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  3. ntnog says:

    Reading between the lines. I suspect that MM and Robbie are not quite on the same wavelength and never would be. Therefore he probably knows we would not be the right move for him. However I think he probably does still have a lot of affection for our club. You do not just forget your past with a cold professionalism as you suggest. I think it is much more likely that he feels plenty of warm affection for the club but not quite as much warmth for the manager.

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    • World Wide Wolfie says:

      Interesting what you say, and I don’t doubt that Robbie has a fondness for the club; why wouldn’t he? He got his first chance here and the fans love him – but it clearly doesn’t mean he cares enough to be in a relegation scrap and probably take a pay cut to be with us (why would he, but he’s not worth £65,000 pw to us). Celtic was apparently the dream for him, not Wolves.

      Don’t think you can pin this one on McCarthy.

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  4. Paddytheflea says:

    I believe Robbie could have done a good job if he had signed last year at this time, but now we don’t need him after buying Fletcher. So I totally agree with you, be what it may with his affection or not.

    But he is part of Wolves history, even if he was not yet the star player he later became when he played for Wolves.

    But I believe he has plenty to give still if he ends up in the right club – but that club is not Wolves.

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  5. Ad Mant says:

    We need defenders, and if Fletcher is given more game time he and Doyle will become a fantastic strike pairing.

    We will all have a fondness for Keane – but he’s in it for the money now… and we dont need (and shouldnt) splash that kind of money around.

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  6. Boshock says:

    No offence but I dont agree with this article and I think you miss the point. We do need defensive cover more than attacking, but surely an experienced player like Keane would assist us? we have three very good strikers with no more than 4 years experience between them?? As for the Birmingham thing, I suspect Keane has priced himself out of the move on purpose. If you remember, when we sold him to Coventry we also accepted a bid from Middlesborough but he asked for £50K a week and so the move collapsed….

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    • World Wide Wolfie says:

      No offence taken. It’s good to hear from people with a different opinion.

      I don’t think Keane would be a bad player for us, and for sentimental reasons I’d get some pleasure from seeing him back here, but I believe there are far, far better options for the money. An actual defender has to be a higher priority to improve the defence.

      Even if he deliberately scuppered his Birmingham move (better just to say no, I think), he’d already picked Celtic over us last year. We do care a lot more than he does because whether he comes here or not does not affect our paychecks.

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