No Surprises: Chelsea 4-0 Wolves

Written by World Wide Wolfie on November 22nd, 2009

With the sun setting, the rain falling, summer long gone, and Wolves leaking goals a-plenty and deep in the bottom three, it’s all beginning to look a little like Last Time.

Before the game, so not disappointed yet

Before the game, so not disappointed yet

Wolves were going to have to be on the very top of their game, and they were very far from that.  Chelsea were far better than they needed to be.  The game was all but over within the first quarter of an hour.  Within five minutes Chelsea were 1-0 up after Wolves gave Malouda first the ball, and then all the time in the world to hit a great strike from outside the box.  Chelsea’s second, and even third, were equally poor – first Essien was given a free header to score near post then Hennessey managed to let his solid but speculative strike seemingly pass straight through his body. Hennessey did pull off a couple of fine stops in the second half, in addition to letting Joe Cole’s in, so I won’t be too harsh on him or anyone else - we won’t see teams like this EVERY week.  Still, if Wolves defend like that every week, they’ll lose to worse teams that Chelsea.

Wolves did create a couple of chances and the otherwise quiet Ebanks Blake did force a good save from Cech with a downward header, but it would be hard to pick Wolves’s best player today,.  Instead I’d prefer to look forward to the games that we might have a chance of winning.  Birmingham next up.


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