Man Utd v Wolves Preview: With a Heart Full of Hope (and soon to be disappointed?)

Written by World Wide Wolfie on November 5th, 2010

Having dispatched one Manchester team last weekend, what chance of another upset?

United are a far better team than City, and we’ll be away from home, but after a bit of a revival in the last couple of weeks, isn’t it great to be able to go into a game like this with a bit of hope. It may be the rose-tinted hope of a fool, and certainly doesn’t come close to expectation, but it’s real enough, and not entirely unfounded, and it’s what we’re in this League for right now.

Wolves have looked like a very good team in patches all season, despite results, but last week we looked like a good team for 90 minutes. Milijas brought a new, and much missed, dimension to the midfield, and Jarvis continues a golden streak of form, with the lovely Kevin Foley not far behind him in my eyes. Doyle looked more himself, and must get a goal soon. As to the lineup, why mess with a winning formula:


Foley – Stearman – Berra – Ward (although I’d be very happy with Elokobi)

Jarvis – Edwards – Milijas – Henry – Hunt


We can take encouragement from the fact that United are set to be without several key players, including Rooney, Nani and Giggs, and with the following also reported by the BBC as doubtful: Anderson, Jonny Evans, Gibson & Macheda (all flu), Fletcher (ankle). I’m sure no one at the club is stupid enough to take too much encouragement from that list, however. Let’s not forget that a team much less illustrious than those remaining available for United tomorrow triumphed in the cup not two weeks ago, and the only team to take any points away from Old Trafford this season are a certain poor relation of ours.

But the cup is the cup, and this is now. The players aren’t usually too phased by being the away team, and are guaranteed fantastic support from the travelling Wolves contingent. So I predict, more in hope than expectation: 1-0 Wolves, with a lot of hard work and a bit of luck…Here’s hoping!

In fact, this week I have introduced a new, guaranteed, foolproof way of predicting scores. Usually I look at recent form, and injuries or suspensions, see what mood I’m in, and make an educated guess. I will continue to do so, and as I’m in a good mood, my head says ’1-0′, but am also going to run alongside this system my patented Wolfie DiviningTM method.

It’s all very simple and highly scientific: We have two circles, one representing goals to Wolves, one goals against. The Wolfies are then thrown into the air and any Wolfie nose in either circle indicates a goal in that direction.

The Wolfies have Spoken

The Wolfies have Spoken

As you can see, the Wolfies predict 1-0 to Wolves also. What do you think?


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  1. Fergie is God. says:

    Fair enough, I wouldn’t really expect you to come and say “I am a Wolves fan but Manchester United will win”, I believe we will beat Wolves but I can see abit of a fight in this game. ps. It was great that Wolves beat the bitters back down into the real world. I think it might be 2-0 ManUtd on Sir Alex Ferguson’s 24 year anniversary, Thank you Fergie and long may you reign.

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    • World Wide Wolfie says:

      dunno, I’m generally pretty gloomy and quite happy to predict a loss (and when better to do it than now!), but I’m hoping for a lot of fight AND a bit of luck (you due an own goal?!)

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  2. Paddytheflea says:

    Oh how I wish that I’d read this before I wrote my prediction, Wolfie.

    Your method seem so simple, yet so well thought out and it’s there for everyone to see that Wolves will win this.

    Thank you, Wolfie, you have eased my mind!

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    • World Wide Wolfie says:

      lol. yep, I think our ultimate victory is indesputable now

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    • Nur says:

      thats how i’m feeling about the blknaie . that crazy blknaie has been like another kid going everywhere with us for over three years and now suddenly he just doesn’t need it. its like i feel sorry for the blanket! haha!

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