England vs. Jamaica (6-0)

Written by World Wide Wolfie on June 3rd, 2006
Preparing for the match

Preparing for the match

With the football season over, I’m looking forward to the World Cup.  Here is a picture of me with Fanimal.  We got on well before the game but then he kept shouting in my ear which annoyed me a bit.  It was a good game, and you can’t complain about a 6-goal margin, whoever the opposition.  A great final goal by Crouch to compensate for a terrible penalty miss.  Overall there were some good performances and I’m sure Michael Owen will do well for England.  The downside of the game was that penalty miss, the second in two games, but this game was a good way to lead into the World Cup.  More from England, and from me (and Fanimal) next Saturday.
Commentary Watch: A little painful.  On England’s 6-1 victory over Iceland: “But was it Iceland or was it Tesco?”.  Groan.


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