Darn: Everton 1-1 Wolves

Written by World Wide Wolfie on October 17th, 2009

How disappointing it is to have been right. (about the result, at least, if nothing else). On any other occasion a fine result, having so nearly taken all three points it was a blow to concede with only two minutes to go. Still, let us be content with a point and an assurance that Wolves early promise against some of the better teams in the league can continue, and even bring it’s modest reward.

So Kightly didn’t live up to the hype, but should get a little time to play himself back into form. Ebanks-Blake looked stronger and had a couple of near misses. Hennessey continued his impressive early season form – for me a significant improvement in terms of judgement from last season (now cue jaw dropping Calamity James moment vs Villa). Zubar looked like he might have been worth the money afterall. Doyle was fantastic and made his route one goal very easy, although I’m sure a few could have missed it. Henry was solid, and Edwards continues to impress me greatly with his hard work, if not always finesse. Craddock and Berra will have won over – or perhaps kept – plenty of fans, again having very good games. The only real weak link, sadly, was Elokobi. He’s strong and has his moments, but the curse of the inconsistient left back seems to continue.

And let’s spare a thought for Stefan Maierhofer who, I accept, came on with a lot to prove and some heavy tackles but managed to pick up two yellow cards while his opponents got off with, on the first occasion grabbing his foot as he stood up to walk away, and on the second, grabbing his neck as he walked away. Both bookable offences in their own right, surely.


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  1. dboy says:

    Frustrating. But a good point nonetheless.

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