Blackburn 3-0 Wolves: Again proving it’s difficult to win if you concede 3 stupid goals

Written by World Wide Wolfie on December 4th, 2010

It seems I was a little unfair on Richard Stearman last week. Leave him out of the team, and we’re still shambolically unfocussed at the back.

This was Wolves’s heaviest defeat of the season and not one of our best performances to boot but, in truth not so very different to last week.  This will go down as the worst result this term so far, and was certainly one of the most disappointing. However, but for some very good goalkeeping, we’d most likely be looking at a narrower margin, but the most important statistic would still be three goals against.

The most consistent characteristic of the team throughout the season, especially noticeable after the injury to Jody Craddock, has been the inadequacy of our defence, and never was that more evident than today.  We won last week because of some good finishing in spite of some shaky defending.  We lost today because our slightly off-colour attack, in the face of a top form Paul Robinson, could not make up for some shocking defending.

For a team who’s biggest asset is probably their never-say-die attitude, Wolves are regularly unacceptably casual in defending.  We started so promisingly, hitting the post twice in the first five minutes, but Blackburn worked their way into the game until, just before the half hour mark, David Dunn, surrounded by Wolves players, was allowed unchallenged to head the ball into the net from inside the six yard area.

Worse was to follow. The marking was equally non-existent in the 44rd minute when Emerton swept home Rovers’ second, and again when Nelsen was allowed free reign to help Pederson’s free kick into the net.  Both decent finishes from Blackburn,  but they really had no need to be – Wolves seemed determined to give the opposition as many goals as they wanted.

Robinson saved well from Elokobi and then twice from Hunt in the last 10 minutes but the game was already beyond us by that point.

Where from here?

We have been unlucky with injuries this season, with David Jones the latest casualty this week, joining Edwards, Craddock, Henry and Kightly in the treatment room, taking the place only just vacated by Ronald Zubar.  We have, however, also found it too difficult to get a settled line up.  Where did Ward in midfield come from?  Having felt Hunt was not quite ready in the games he’d played up to last week, I thought he looked sharper against Sunderland, and picked up a good poachers goal to prove it. Yet somehow Foley ended up shifted wide to accommodate Ward in the centre with Hunt on the bench.

I’ve regularly championed our attacking play in recent weeks and although we weren’t on top form anywhere on the field today, we probably would have got at least a goal on another day.  But it doesn’t need me to point out that when you let in 2-3 most games you’re rarely going to score enough to make up for that.  Plenty will call for Mick’s head again today, but they’re wrong.  He needs to get the defence sorted out and concentrating throughout the match and, in the absence of a certain Mr Craddock, that probably means a new defender in January.  Sacking your manager now is a mug’s game however (official World Wide Wolfie fact).  We need Mick to try and dig us out of this, and I believe he has the character and the team to do it.

But they need to *&!*%* concentrate at the back.

Agree? Disagree?


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  1. Frustrated! says:

    Ward for England!

    No, really, I think he has obviously shown he can play in any position on the pitch… oh no, wait, McCarthy thinks he can play in any position on the pitch.
    Really? Put Ward in the midfield and Hunt on the bench? Ward at left back is bad enough and before that he didn’t cut it as a striker. All I can say is he must be a dinamite lover for McCarthy to want him all over the pitch.

    I love Big Mick, I really do for what he’s done for our club but I think he’s just one of those managers(of which there are many) who can get teams into the Premier League but can’t cut it once there. At the current rate of having lost the last 10 out of the last 13 played, we are going down. We can change the manager now and hope that it comes off and we stay up, if not we will go down exactly the same as if we stick with Mick. I’m sorry Mick, I will always be grateful to you but my club needs to stay in the Premier League and not repeat the dissappointing cycle of the last 10 years. I look at teams like Wigan and Bolton who have come from nothing in the lower leagues to fly past our Wolves and are now established in the Premier League. This should never have happened. We should be the ones up there established and competing for Europe again. As you can see, I’ve lost my patience.
    Another point worth making to back up my point that we need a new manager is that as a final striking purchase before the start of the season – Marcus effin Bent, are you kidding me? And now with this 30+yr old Bagayoko who hasn’t scored a goal in the last 2 seasons having a trial with us???!! It makes me sick to luck at the signings that the Blues and Albion make in comparison. Tell me I’m wrong!
    And finally, just to contradict your “sacking the manager now is a mug’s game” World Wide Wolfie; I’ll point you in the direction of teams who have changed their manager in recent times to good effect and been kept up. Last season; Bolton in trouble sack Megson, snipe Owen Coyle and now look at them, they are flying. Similarly Portsmouth, floundering in the relegation zones have twice been rescued by Harry Redknapp. Admittedly Portsmouth are now suffering but I believe it’s not going to take massive money signings to keep us up, just a manager who knows tactics and how to grind out results.

    I don’t usually post comments on this or any of the other popular Wolves blogs because I prefer to keep my feelings to myself and especially regarding any negativity but now I’m frustrated and don’t want to leave it too late to sort the mess out that we find ourselves in.

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    • World Wide Wolfie says:

      Hi Frustrated! It’s is pretty frustrating! Thanks for your comments – I can completely understand where you’re coming from and agree with you about some of the decisions and signings, but not what needs to be done about it. You say we’re in the danger of repeating the cycle of the last 10 years, but McCarthy is the only one to have got us into the Premier League and kept us there. It’s not his fault that the likes of Bolton overtook us long ago. Were we to go down, we wouldn’t be the first team either. Blues and especially Albion being the archetypal yo-yo teams and, let’s face it – both must still be judged successful than we have been in the last few years.

      Re. timing of sacking manager, Bolton, as you point out, are one of the few cases where this has been successful. Redknapp was ultimately a disaster for Portsmouth – one thing you can say for Wolves is they think in the long-term, which is why I think they’ll stick with Mick for some time whatever happens, and Redknapp was the exact opposite.

      I’m in danger of becoming a broken record but I still think, in spite of today’s result, that the margins by which we’re losing games are narrow enough (in terms of performance at least) and the changes that have to be made sufficiently small, that this situation is perfectly capable of being rescued by McCarthy – certainly as successfully as anyone else.

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      • Frustrated says:

        Hi Wolfie,
        I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it pans out finally with McCarthy. I would like nothing more than for him to pull us through this and for him to establish us as a Premier League side and himself as a recognised Premier League manager for many seasons to come.
        Another worry if we were to get relegated is holding on to our players (Doyle, Milijas, Zubar, Jarvis). If we were to sell them on we would have to start from scratch again in the Championship and build a new team. Recipe in my opinion for maximum Yo-Yoage(new expression to rival bouncebackability).
        Unfortunately in January money needs to be spent again if we are to drag ourselves out of this situation.
        Here’s hoping!

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        • World Wide Wolfie says:

          All fair points I think. I do worry if we go down – players leaving as you say, but would also be a big opportunity lost (deferred maybe, but for who knows how long) if stadium plans are put on hold. I just think our biggest shot at avoiding this is sticking with Mick and supporting him and the team.

          Yo-yoage – should definitely get that into the football lexicon- wanna hear Lineker using that on MOTD.

          Fingers crossed (on both above points) :)

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      • Zyah says:

        Now we know who the ssnieble one is here. Great post!

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