Another might-have-been: Arsenal 1-0 Wolves

Written by World Wide Wolfie on April 4th, 2010

No one will argue, despite Wolves heroic defending, that Arsenal didn’t deserve this result.¬† However that they only got it in the 94th minute of extra time was sickening.

Mick McCarthy with characteristically commendable honesty summed it up in his post match interview: “Arsenal have had all the chances; they’ve had all the play.¬† They’re better than us.¬† I’ve no problem with that, but losing like we did in the last minute is bitterly disappointing”.

At least Wenger, for once, didn’t have anything to complain about at the end of the match after Wolves skipper Karl Henry was harshly dismissed where a booking would have done, for a sliding tackle on Rossisky that did seem to get the ball.¬†¬†Arsenal¬†squandered several more chances and Wolves¬†still hung on heroically and¬†looked set to take a fine point from the Emirates when Zubar let Bentner get in front of him in the 94th minute to find the incisive finish Arsenal had been looking in vain for the previous 93 minutes.

Congratulations for Mancienne on a very strong game in midfield and to Hahnemann¬†- although Arsenal missed the target more than they hit it, he still had plently of saves to make, and did it well.¬† Finally, a¬†must-do-better to Keogh, a 70th-minute substitute, who didn’t look ready for this game and needs to sharpen up a bit again – perhaps not against Arsenal when we could take a point againt the odds, Mick?

Losses for the other of the bottom¬†7 teams in action softens the blow, and while this outcome is easier to take with Wolves remaining in 14th than if we’d been in 18th, this will rank among the many ‘might-have-beens’ of this season.


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  1. Dan says:

    No one will argue, despite Wolves heroic defending, that Arsenal ^”DIDN’T”^ deserve this result. However that they only got it in the 94th minute of extra time was sickening.


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  2. DevonWolf says:

    I agree with your synopsis. However, if he doesn’t play Keogh, he’ll never be sharp. Same with Edwards. Now Henry will be out for next 3 games he will need them.
    We have to get 3 points off Stoke and MM will have to pick a side to do it.

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    • Wolfie says:

      @DevonWolf. It’s a difficult one. Yes, the only way to get match fit is by playing matches, but the way it panned out, it’s pretty clear that Keogh wasn’t ready for this match – and we needed everyone 100%.

      I’ll be behind whatever team wins (ok, even if they don’t win) against Stoke and for the rest of the season, however :)

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  3. AA23 says:

    Well-played to Wolves. I don’t know what it is about your squad or manager but I was never bothered by your tactics to unsettle the Arse. It was almost funny when Walcott did the good boy thing and put the ball down for Hanneman to take the goal kick and he picked it up and moved it to the other side! It was pretty good comedy acting at times, unlike, say El-Hadj Diouf or Phil Brown or Alladyce’s teams of perpetual chip on shoulder mediocrity. I really hope you stay up. Sorry if that sounds patronizing.

    Henry’s sending off (for leaving his boot on Walcotts calf and persistently thinking that refs in Enger-land don’t protect Arsenal players), his sending off saved your lot for a bit as you were (admirably) pushing more forward thinking you could even snatch a win. It was a matter of time before a counter attack cut you to ribbons. Certainly our preferred method of scoring rather than sustained patient build up against 9 men forcing us to send in dinky crosses.

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    • Wolfie says:

      @AA23 Cheers for the comments. Always good to hear we’re impressing (and amusing) the opposition :)

      Interesting point you make about the sending off – agree that you always looked likely to score so defending hard was a sensible tactic – you won’t see me thanking the ref any time soon, however. Best of luck for the rest of the season.

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  4. paultess says:

    Hi, Englishman living Canada here, although an Arsenal supporter. In relative peace.
    Nice article, balanced pretty fair. Overall a pleasure to read.
    One comment, not aimed at you but at the press in general. The bias that appears. I don’t know if you get the same TV coverage we do but after Rosicky was taken off we saw close ups of the backs of his legs. Bloody stud marks, not one, a number.
    It might have been a harsh red card, altough with my bias I dont agree.
    My understanding of the rules is that tackles from behind, studs up were a red card offense.
    Open to correction here.
    Although I don’t see how stud marks half way up the back of Rosicy’s leg can be called a fair tackle.
    The angle that the press put on this is amazing.
    Did Henry really think this was fair.
    When i watched it in real time it looks awful, which is how the arsenal players and the ref saw it. Can you blame them for being upset.
    The press coverage of the incident doesn’t mentiion this,
    and Henry’s comments seem out of line.

    It looked a very bad tackle.
    I believe surrounding of the
    ref. should be punished by a yellow card. (exception for the captin)
    Although ManU, Liverpool, Mancity and chelseas – not tommention Arsenal will have problems here .
    Keep up the good writing but please point out the rubbish some of our press write.
    Good luck staying up.

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    • Wolfie says:

      @paultess. Thanks for the comments. Personally I think Henry’s tackle was a clear foul, but a red was harsh for the severity of the foul – the kind of thing that happens with reasonable regularity in football – not good, but part and parcel of the game and the instant decisions required of referees.

      The only person to blame for the media overraction (and I do think it’s time to appeal the card and shut up), however, is Wenger. If he didn’t moan to the media like an old woman and find someone else to blame every time Arsenal lose a game, people might have been a little more moderated in their opinions. This seems to have created a mentality where the players in turn overreact (Rossisky rolling around as if shot, Vermaelen sprinting straight over to push Henry, intimidating the ref) which doesn’t play out well in the media.

      That said, nothing against the team at all, so good luck for the rest of the season.

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