Why McCarthy should have stayed

Written by World Wide Wolfie on February 13th, 2012

So, it’s goodbye Mick McCarthy.¬† I have staunchly (ok, a bit staunchly) defended him for some time, but wasn’t the only supporter who saw the writing on the wall after yesterday’s shambles.¬† Not only a terrible capitulation by the players on the pitch, but to the bitterest of local rivals.¬† It will be some time before this particular wound heals (or will be allowed to).¬† In time we’ll look back at the fantastic achievements of McCarthy’s time with Wolves – and he is, without a doubt our most successful manager of the past two decades – but not now.

He had to go – the fans righteous anger after yesterday’s result made his position untenable – but unfortunately, we are now at a juncture in the season that this sacking will achieve nothing.¬† Morgan made the decision to back McCarthy when things looked bleak at the back end of last year.¬† He could easily have gone then, other options were available, and a new manager would have had the opportunity to shape the team in their image.¬† I supported the decision to stick with Mick (as I did at the same time last season), but that carried with it the logic of sticking with him to the end of the season.¬† At this stage, there is no one more qualified than McCarthy available to take his place and, if there were, there will be no opportunity for them to augment the threadbare squad.

With the only rays of hope from a dismal January transfer window now dampened, with loanees Bassong out for a few games and Frimpong the rest of the season, the new manager is left with little to play with.¬† Mick’s main strength is to get the best out of hardworking players.¬† Yes, we have flair and talent in the likes of Jarvis and Fletcher and sometimes O’Hara, but the backbone of the team are superlative grafters. Perhaps some confidence can be restored, but a new manager is not going to turn us into Brazil (or even Stoke).

We were likely candidates for relegation yesterday; surely we are now dead certs.


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  1. Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

    Sometimes a new manager vitalises teams that struggles. It all depends on who’s appointed. We’re not dead yet!

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    • World Wide Wolfie says:

      To be fair, I do agree there can be a short-term confidence effect with a new manager, and, of course confidence breeds better results, breeds more confidence. Will probably cheer up in a couple of days, but things looking pretty grim now.

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  2. Freddie Aces says:

    Lets not forget Curbishley went to West Ham after the transfer window had closed with 9 games left staring relegation in the face and won 7 of them to keep them up. The hadn’t won for two months prior to that

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    • World Wide Wolfie says:

      The exception rather than the rule I believe. But hey, let’s keep fingers crossed he can do it again as he’s surely one of the few viable candidates.

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  3. Dave H says:

    I believe Curbishley to be the only viable candidate, Bruce, Holloway and Warnock do not cut it for me.

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  4. Kiwiwolf says:

    he was short of Midfield players yet he sent Quedioura out on loan with no call back and sent our only other REAL left back on loan too…
    We were dead certs to go down but now i think we have a chance with a new manager..

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  5. Kiwiwolf says:

    (Mick’s main strength is to get the best out of hardworking players)

    It is, but from what i saw last few home games he had lost the dressing room and even as much as admitted that yesterday and without that we were dead certs to go down with him in charge!! Still a third of the season to go yet remember as Mox rightly said today, so not too late at all…

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    • World Wide Wolfie says:

      I seriously hope I’m wrong, but if McCarthy didn’t get the best out of this bunch of players I don’t see any available candidates (or anyone suicidal enough to leave a job for us right now) who are likely to do so.

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  6. Wally says:

    I’m still not over Sunday, but will be sorry to see MM go just because of what he’s achieved for us hetting promoted/staying up first season. The right decision from Morgan though, hoping for Curbs as he can inspire the players like he did the hammers.

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  7. TheWulfrunian says:

    The problem with the West Brom match is that too much emphasis is being place upon that match as being the most pivotal part of our season. It’s not, it’s merely one in 38 games. Beating West Brom does not make us Premiership Champions.

    You may recall that a few seasons ago, Walsall got into the Championship and lost the majority of their matches. They did however, manage to beat every single local side possibly both home and away and what did that make them?

    Midlands Champions – No such honour exists, apart from local bragging rights but they were firmly relegated at the end of that season. Our vision needs to be much better than that and we need to take the game exactly as what it was, one game in 38.

    I have heard no-one talk about the fact that we face Newcastle next, the only other team who that week had 5 goals put past them. In that respect, we did better because at least we managed to score 1 in reply. So the next match is quite interesting in that we should not have lost to Newcastle at the beginning of the season had the referees just done their job properly, so we should be up for this game. Also we need to bounce back from this loss.

    Mick could have pulled us out of this and I am really sorry to see him go but unfortunately, that’s football and as long as we don’t get Steve ‘Ah yooused ta play fah Man U yah nah’ Bruce, I think Curbishley can do a good job.

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