Wendy’s Big Day

Written by World Wide Wolfie on April 28th, 2009
At least the wig disguises the 'interesting' eye makeup

At least the wig disguises the 'interesting' eye makeup

Wendy doesn’t get out much, but even I felt that a hen do was an inappropriate location for my particular brand of reportage.

So, here Wendy is, out with the girls for a crazy day of wig-wearing and trampolining.

I didn’t like to say anything but I think that the wig is actually a really good idea, because Wendy does have a quite distinctive appearance and she probably attracted less comment than she would usually when seen in public.

I would love to have been there to see the moment she (allegedly) nutted the kid who called her Pooh Bear.

So that’s Wendy’s social calendar expended for another year.  Normal service will be resumed soon with Wolfie’s more highbrow mutterings.


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