We could do with Elgar in the stands now!

Written by World Wide Wolfie on November 27th, 2010

You might remember a recent performance of a football anthem written by Elgar (reported on Wolves.co.uk).  Elgar was a fan in the late 1890′s Wolves had just enjoyed their first FA Cup win, in 1893, wearing not the club’s more
familiar ‘old gold’ but their favoured toffee-coloured strip.

We banged the leather for goal!"  With original music written in Elgar's hand.

Pretty T-shirt

In 1898  Elgar was inspired to write the world’s first football chant in tribute to Billy Malpass, the Wolves’ star centre forward of the time. This shirt from Philosophy Football features the original music written in Elgar’s own hand and the chant he penned ‘We banged the leather for goal.’  Unfortunately I haven’t been able to track down a recording of the music – any volunteers to take a go at recording the tune?

The shirt is available from PhilosophyFootball.com, who have a load of groovy stuff on their site (none, sadly in Wolfie sizes – a serious omission).


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