The Talented Mr Craddock

Written by World Wide Wolfie on August 17th, 2010

Having had a bit of a whinge yesterday about a certain Mr. Keogh, I wanted to redress the balance and prove that I’m not a whining southern Wolfie.

When I look at the Wolves squad looking for someone who deserves a bit of praise, Jody Craddock’s is the first name to spring to mind.  He’s been written off time and time again, but has bounced back every time better than before.  He is a great example of a player who has genuinely improved throughout his career.

I remember sitting in the Steve Bull Stand (or was it the John Ireland Stand back then?) towards the end of Wolves’ first Premier League season as the chap behind me repeatedly moaned ‘he’s got a clubfoot that ******* Craddock’.  Our Jody’s reputation was not high at that point and I really did not think then that six years later Wolves fans would be almost united in singing his praises.  So singing his praises generally entails singing ‘He used to be s**** but now he’s alright’, but we all know we mean a lot more than that.

Not only does he seem an all-round nice chap, but he’s a talented artist too (check out his Craddock-Art website).  At 35, he’s not going to be playing regularly too much longer, but while he keeps playing like he is I couldn’t be happier.  I’d like to write more as there’s much more to say, but duty calls.

Take a bow, Mr. Craddock.

Actually, couldn’t sign off without one final reminiscence about the appearance of a certain Mr Craddock as both Mr January and Mr February in my 2008 Wolves Calendar (read all about the terrible ‘dilemma of whether to complain or to look at Jody Craddock topless for two months‘).  Moody shot shared below.



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