The Lescott Saga

Written by World Wide Wolfie on August 28th, 2009

Those of you who have been following Joleon Lescott’s travails over the past few weeks will have your own opinions of the rights and wrongs of the situation.  Lescott completed his much-coveted move to Manchester City this week having, it seems, displayed sufficient dissent and petulance that Everton were no longer able to play him.  There are those who will strongly argue the rights of the player to determine his own future and to break free from some kind of medieval serfdom.  Lescott, after all, had a great season for Everton last year and they’ve certainly got good value from him.  For myself, however, I believe that a player who has accepted the security of a long-term contract on wages that 95% of the country could only dream of should honour that contract if asked to, in the same way that the club will be required to honour it even if the player becomes injured and is unable to play.

So, I’m disappointed in our lad, but he’s still one of the greatest products of the Wolves youth system and I wish him the best at City.  And the nice fat sell-on fee won’t go amiss.


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  1. Vejsel says:

    What was refreshing was the lack of hype bhofreeand, because as you rightly say, no one really thought that we were any good in comparison to the other sides.I think that’s changing, but I think it’s a matter of context. I still don’t think we’re any good , I don’t think the side has done anything to show any particular quality that we thought they didn’t have. All that’s happened is they’ve defended well, kept their shape and played as a unit. Credit for that to the manager for organising them and for doing what he has always done.It’s typical English football stuff, and if we lose tonight, then the appraisal will be well organised, but lacking any flair. 2 or 3 decent players and the rest are solid, but ordinary in international terms . At least that’s how I see it.If they win, then no doubt there will be all kinds of hype. But nothing will have changed. The players won’t be any better.I think I’m saying don’t be fooled by hype. Yes it’s possible they will go on and play Germany, but the merits of this England side are not outstanding players or world class superstars, but just basic hardworking and well organised, if limited, players.

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  2. Kerman says:

    gone back on all your principles I see. what’s wrong, haven’t got the balls to tell it as it is? lsoing readers were you? not happy with being unpopular? what a cop out. arsenal have had some poor results already this season, the new centre backs have proved nothing, clichy, almunia, fabiasnki, denilson, song, diaby,vela are all disaster zones. and our captain doesn’t want to be at the club. arsenal have raked in well over 100m in profits in the last 2 seasons, and wenger won’t even spend above break even to give the team a fighting chance of competing for a major trophy.let’s have a celebration!

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  3. Jahli says:

    City have Tevez, and he is world class. City have Yaya Toure, who is a very good defensive (and somietmes offensive) midfielder. City have Joe Hart, who is five times better than our keepers combined. City have Silva, who is a better winger than any of our winger, because we don’t have any. I don’t like them at all, but to be honest, they are the next Chelsea, and they will be knocking for the title and the Champions League very soon, believe me.

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  4. Thank you for your meaningful comments left for me at You obviously have the gift of encouragement. My latest piece, “10:00 – BELLE” was indeed a true story, and just a a capsule of what joy we’ve experienced through pet therapy. Thanks again and God bless you and yours. Allen Povenmire

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