The coming of Ful-ham

Written by World Wide Wolfie on September 17th, 2009

Sunday’s (not Saturday, folks) game against Ful-ham, as Stefan Maierhofer touchingly referred to them in his recent Wolves World interview, will be a great test for Wolves and the home fans. Despite Fulham’s impressive 8th place finish last season, this is a game everyone will be wanting to win (what game isn’t) but also many will be expecting to win. They may have a decent team, but they certainly aren’t a big name. I predict a closely contested one goal win for the Wolves with a few moans and groans and abuse of someone who isn’t Kevin Doyle along the way.

Perhaps the stand out feature of Wolves only previous Premier League outing was the wholeheartedness with which the fans got behind the team in victory or (more often) crushing defeat. Any real sense of expectation (but not hope) was knocked out of us with a few early season humiliations and the crowd was left to sit back and cheer the underdogs home. It’s hardly unique to Wolves, but perhaps more pronounced here, that the fans can be both the greatest and the worst in the country in the space of a few weeks. In 2003 there was little expectation and therefore little fear and little disappointment. We could just hope and sing. But now when Ful-ham come a-knocking we think that maybe we could get something out of it and maybe we should and if we don’t a few toys will come out the pram. I’m hoping I won’t be one of them.


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