Questionable response to shirt question

Written by World Wide Wolfie on June 21st, 2006

Well, I’ve heard back from Wolves already regarding my shirt request (see post).¬† I must complement them on their speedy response to what must have been an unusual request.¬† Unfortunately, I am heartbroken to report that they have proved unable to supply a shirt to meet my needs.¬† They also inform me that Wolfies will be available to purchase through the club shop again next season.¬† Ominously, they specifically report that these Wolfies will be wearing the new home shirt.¬† I am highly alarmed that this might suggest tacit approval for the stripping naked and discarding for shirt scenario, which I, of course, cannot have any part in (I am not countenancing the possibility that they’re suggesting I might be replaceable).¬† This is a very disappointing setback, but my quest for a new shirt continues.¬† I’ll let you know when I have decided what I should do. The text of their reply is below:

“Thank you for your email.
Unfortunately we are unable to get the a new shirt for you.
We will be selling new Wolfies in the home shirt for the start of the
new season.


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  1. Paddytheflea says:

    I hope you will make it through the winter without a shirt, Wolfie!

    Now I understand why you asked about Carl Ikeme having no shirt on the picture in my blog.

    But I’m sure they will provide for him both in Leicester and Wolves because he is a professional.

    For you it’s tougher. Maybe washing a childrens shirt in 90 degrees for a fortnight would make a nice fit?

    Good luck, anyway, my hairy friend! (I like hair!)


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    • World Wide Wolfie says:

      Hey there you crazy flea (please keep away from my lovely golden hair).

      Thank you for your advice on getting a nice new shirt for myself. Perhaps I will give it a go. This is indeed a major worry for me and sometimes keeps me awake at night, however I am reassured that the teams look after their players better than their smaller fans.

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