Mascotspotting: Everton – Changy the Sponsor’s Dream Elephant

Written by World Wide Wolfie on August 20th, 2010

Wolves’s next opponent Everton’s mascot, Changy the Elephant, is inventively named after their main sponsor ‘Chang Beer’.  There may be a reason he’s an elephant, but I wasn’t interested enough to find out.  If anyone knows, answers on a postcard to the usual address please.  He replaced the much more idiosyncratic ‘Mr Toffee’.  Touchingly, Mr Toffee’s creators, Freeborns, tell us on their website that “unfortunately the original brief forgot to tell us that the character needed to be able to play football as well as ‘walk on’.”everton mascot mr toffee

Name: Changy the Elephant

DoB: Unknown

Pun Value: 0

Charm: 6

Machismo: 3

Weirdness factor: 2

Overall mascotspotter rating: 2.5/10

Trivia:  Changy was recently spotted prancing around with that weird guy from Pineapple Dance Studios (amazingly self-promoting Sky clip below).  I’m not really in a position to reproach him for these antics, however, as a certain Wolves mascot (not me, of course, but the actual Wolfie) can also be seen getting in on the action.


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  1. Phil says:

    Chang is a brand of beer in Thailand and the Thai word for elephant is Chang. Simples.

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  2. 4。įžåœ¨ã¯äŊ•ã‚’期垅しãĻいるåĨŗ性は、あãĒたぎあãĒたãĢは、非常ãĢã‚ˆã‚Šé•ˇã„éĢĒぎためãĢ。傞向が数嚴前ãĢ始めたばかりだとこぎようãĢかãĒり最čŋ‘ぎ1つとしãĻぎã‚Ēãƒŗナイãƒŗã‚ˇãƒ§ãƒƒãƒ”ãƒŗグīŧä¸€ã¤ãŽãƒ‡ã‚Ŗã‚ĸマãƒŗテぞたは少しčŖ…éŖžįš„で単į´”ãĒヘã‚ĸピãƒŗをčĻ‹ã¤ã‘ã‚‹ã“ã¨ãŒã§ããžã™ã€ã—ã‹ã—ã€ããĄã‚“ã¨ã—ãŸãƒ˜ã‚ĸピãƒŗãĢ埋めčžŧぞれたįĩæ™ļとデã‚Ŗã‚ĸマãƒŗテぎįĩ„ãŋ合わせãĢよる。あãĒたはおそらくãģとんおぎįžäģŖぎマニキãƒĨã‚ĸæļ˛å‚žå‘ぎあãĒたぎäŧ‘暇ぎためぎ市場ãĢありぞしたかīŧŸæ˜Žã‚‰ã‹ãĢ、å†Ŧå­Ŗã‚Ģナダグãƒŧ゚ジãƒŖã‚ąãƒƒãƒˆčŋŊ加。これらぎ抟é–ĸはぞたįŽ”ぎįˆĒぎデã‚ļイãƒŗぎためãĢäŊŋわれる最も様々

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  3. こぎきれいではやりぎ、ぞたはそれらぎã‚ŗイãƒĢは、そぎ洗įˇ´ã•ã‚ŒãŸæ•°å­—ぎã‚Ģット。それはåŋ…ずしもį°Ąå˜ã‚ãĒたぎためãĢあãĒたぎワãƒŧドロãƒŧブを動äŊœã•ã›ã‚‹ã€‚あãĒãŸãŒãƒ•ã‚Ąãƒƒã‚ˇãƒ§ãƒŗをčĒ°ãŽãŸã‚ãŽäŊ•ã‹ã‚ŗツがあることであるとį†č§ŖしãĒければãĒりぞせん。゚テップぎ開始をįŊŽããĒらば、åŸēæœŦįš„ãĢéĢĒができãĻ、さらãĢロãƒŧãƒĢパãƒŗヘã‚ĸã‚šã‚ŋイãƒĢをčĻ‹ãŸæ™‚ãĢは、ボビãƒŧ個äēē識åˆĨį•Ēåˇã¨ã—ãĻã‚šã‚ŋãƒŧトする。åŊŧらが遊åŊ“ãĒč’¸æ°—ãŽãƒŦベãƒĢをäŊœæˆã§ãã‚‹ã‚ˆã†ãĢæœŦį‰ŠãŽįŸŗで働いãĻいるã‚ĩã‚Ļナたい。それらぎé ŦぎéĒ¨ãŽä¸Šã§å°‘しぎčĩ¤éĸãƒ–ãƒŠã‚ˇã¨čģŊく、あãĒたぎ唇とぞつげぎå¤ĒãŖた。č‡Ē厅で渊æŗ‰å“čŗĒ

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