Mascotspotting: Arsenal – Gunnersaurus Rex

Written by World Wide Wolfie on November 9th, 2010

Arsenal’s mascot is a long-necked dinosaur, not unreminiscent of our own Stefan Maierhofer. For all his weirdness, he has a certain quirky charm.
Name: Gunnersaurus Rex

DoB: August 1993

Pun Value: 5

Charm: 5

Machismo: 6

Weirdness factor: 9

Overall mascotspotter rating: 6

Trivia: Gunnersaurus Rex is a well documented but disturbingly squeaky clean mascot.  I can find nothing interesting to say about him.  I do believe there is some nice footage of Wenger ranting during the West Ham game, apparently right at the hapless mascot, but as no documentary evidence survives online, even this little nugget of interest comes to nothing.  According the the Arsenal website, he is ‘Gunner is one of the most respected mascots in football’.  I do not know how a mascot gains ‘respect’, but GR must have that in spades.


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