Baseball boredom

Written by World Wide Wolfie on April 27th, 2007
Bored at the ball game

Bored at the ball game

Hey all.  Well, it’s been a while.  Unfortunately (for you, my loyal fans, anyway) I’ve been busy gallivanting off on my travels and have therefore been unable to update recently.  I’ve been in New York.  As you can see from this snapshot I managed to take in a game (Yankees vs. Cleveland Indians, as it happens).  As you will also see from the image I needed to find other ways to amuse myself. 

Now, I play baseball on my Wii console and I thought I wasn’t very good because I often miss the ball completely.  Actually, it seems I could have what it takes to play major league.  By about the halfway point (I stopped looking after that), the score stood at 1 run each and 1 hit each (let’s be clear, that means there was one time per team in 5 innings when a player had successfully hit a legal ball and didn’t got out!).  Were it not for the enforced standing to sing along to God Bless America (really) I might have drifted off completely.  To be fair, there was a flurry of activity towards the end, but really, it’s nearly as bad as cricket!

And don’t worry, I’m not forgetting my football.  I wasn’t able to watch the Birmingham game on tv, but I did listen in on the radio.  Here’s to a similar performance and a better result tomorrow.


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