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Written by World Wide Wolfie on October 4th, 2010

There are reasons for this, but it’s best not to enquire too closely…

P.S. This does not make my views on Stephen Ward any less valid.


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  1. Ronny says:

    To date it’s around two years at the boinglgg, and about 1 on the commenting. You comment on many blogs though Anna.Something you may not notice is that bloggers usually (well I do and you should) check out the sites of their commenters.With your’s there is not much to comment on and the content is of a website, not a blog, but if you did run a blog, no doubt I would pop over every now and then!I am not meaning to slag of your site which is what it may sound like I am doing, I am merely saying that a juicy blog has a lot more on offer to me than a business site

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  2. Ricky says:

    Savita – if I made it sound easy, I’ve definitely mitenpresersed the amount of work and stress involved!Louise – know what you mean about being a shrinking violet – although I’ve done plenty of events, talks etc, somehow doing a “launch” does feel more show-offy.

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  3. Dalston says:

    This is truly amazing. This is an “In your face” shame. It is bllnargiy obvious that ATS lobbyists are at work. What’s the point in a police commission if the City Council can weasel their way around their findings? Or, if they are so sincere about safety, then why don’t Parks and Cardenas make a reasonable proposal such as eliminating the use of cameras for right turns and placing them at accident prone intersections. What a couple of punks.

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